Cargo Elevators or Regular elevators

Cargo lifts, also known as freight elevators or goods lifts, are designed to transport heavy loads such as boxes, equipment, and pallets. They are typically more extensive and ruggedly built than regular passenger elevators, with thicker walls, stronger doors, and higher weight capacities. Here are some critical differences between cargo lifts and standard elevators:


Cargo lifts are generally larger than regular elevators in terms of the lift itself and the size of the shaft it travels in. This is necessary to accommodate the larger and heavier loads they are designed to transport.


Cargo lifts have higher weight capacities than regular elevators. It allows them to handle heavy loads without the risk of overloading or breaking down.


Cargo lifts are slower than regular elevators, as they are designed for transporting goods rather than people. That is because the weight of the load and the need for stability can affect the speed at which the lift can safely travel.


Cargo lifts are often designed with more rugged and industrial-looking finishes, as they must withstand heavy loads’ wear and tear. They may also have non-slip flooring, sturdy handrails, and reinforced doors to help ensure safety during use.


Cargo lifts are typically used in commercial and industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories, and distribution centers, where there is a need to transport large quantities of goods between different levels. On the other hand, regular elevators are typically used in buildings to transport people and smaller items.

Which one is perfect to go for massive weight?

Cargo lifts move steadily and slower than regular lifts. They are capable of handling a lot of weight without risking anyone. There need to be more pure freight elevators used for passenger and cargo purposes. Passenger elevators and freight elevators are still significantly different.

Add a little more to your interior style

A passenger elevator is built to transport passengers, with safety features and a beautiful interior design. Cargo elevators are primarily used to convey products while allowing people to accompany them. There are perfect safety precautions in place, as well as basic automotive interior decoration.

Most freight elevators are rectangular, and their space is more significant than passenger elevators. Elevator doors are more expansive, with two side opening doors or four center dividing doors. 

Passenger elevators are usually equipped with anti-collision door covers and wall panels to facilitate the transportation of goods. They will install decorations, mirrors, and other stuff in the passenger elevator for beauty, which will be more following guests’ aesthetics.

Get Exclusive Cargo Solutions

Cargo Elevator Company will provide consultancy and solutions to install elevators under construction or existing projects. Our service deals with all its types, includes

General Freight Lift Loading

This freight lift has a load spread; any single item’s weight is at most 1/4 the elevator’s capacity. It can be handled manually or by hand trucks on and off the car platform.

Vehicle Loading

It helps to transport vehicle trucks or passenger autos up to the elevator’s rated capacity.

Industrial Truck Loading

It needs a  four-wheeled vehicle to load and unload in the elevator.

Summing it up!

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