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Panoramic elevator

A most vital element to the architectural design of any premises. These lifts are installed to revive the architectural ensemble and make it more stylish and attractive for visual perception.
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Cargo Lift/ Freight Elevator

Freights can weigh tons and need a special elevator to move them. Freight elevators are designed to carry up to 20,000 pounds or more.

Stair Lift

This is a single-seated passenger lift for those who can not climb stairs frequently. Hub Elevators provides these lifts to ease the life of needy ones.
The ultimate staircase solution, giving you the full use of the home you love.
Inertia seatbelt fitted as standard provides security and safety.
Stairlifts are also available for narrow stairs.
127kg maximum weight (159kg HD version).
Includes 12-month manufacturer guarantee.

Hub Elevator Automatic Stair home elevator On Staircase
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Compact Home Elevators

Primary elevators are installed in cottages, single-unit, and multi-story bungalows for residential use.

Hospital Bed space elevator

Hospital bed elevators are designed to provide secure, convenient transportation for everyone. An ideal mix of features ensures efficient elevator operation to meet every hospital need, from transporting patients in beds to moving medical equipment.
Hub Elevator (hospital)
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Panoramic Glass Elevator

One of the most luxurious types of elevator products is the panoramic elevator. They can be installed in shopping and business centers, hotels, restaurants, and homes.

Highrise Elevators

A super-fast elevator solution with a small machine room for high-rise buildings. It features a broad range of interior options, superb ride comfort, and excellent eco-efficiency.
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Hub Elevator Double Girder EOT Cranes / Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

Ground Gantry

A gantry crane is a kind of overhead crane that uses stands to support the bridge, trolley, and hoist. These legs travel on along the ground on wheels or ride on rails implanted in the ground.

Over Head Gantry

Overhead Gantry Crane is an overhead crane supported by freestanding stands or legs with a single or multiple girder configuration. These cranes are often on wheels or attached to a track system.
Hub Elevator Double Girder EOT Cranes / Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
Hub Elevator Dumb Waiter Lift in a Shop


Dumbwaiters are simple, compact elevators used to perform useful movement functions. In restaurants, a dumbwaiter can be handy when moving orders and dishes between floors.

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We offer to lift solutions for various functions, including retail spaces, offices, apartments, public spaces, homes, hotels, healthcare facilities, research facilities, industrial buildings, mass transport systems, building projects, and more.


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