Lift Installation Company in Islamabad

Hub Elevator is a top passenger lift dealer in Islamabad, providing efficient vertical transportation solutions for public buildings like towers, malls, and franchises. Their passenger elevators are designed to meet the needs of such buildings and are a great alternative to stairs. These lifts can carry heavy objects and are equipped with modern features like light curtains, fast speed, smooth movement, and emergency stoppers.

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Lift Installation Company in Lahore

Passenger Lift Service in Islamabad

Passenger elevators make life easier when stairs become more challenging in high-rise buildings, and it is an excellent alternative to stairs. Passenger lifts can also carry heavy objects to a specified weighing capacity range. Hub elevator’s passenger elevators secure all the latest devices and functions, including light curtains, fast speed, smooth movement, spring buffers, cabin emergency stoppers, and overload switches.
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Cargo services in Islamabad

Hub Elevators is a reliable cargo elevator company in Islamabad that offers cargo lifts designed with all-steel car and tower components for strength and long-lasting performance. They implement a strict quality control program to meet industry standards and ensure customer satisfaction. The cargo lifts feature an isolated lifting body to minimize noise and vibration for a smooth ride. Hub Elevators is also known for their lift installation services and is regarded as the best lift manufacturer in Islamabad.
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At Hub Elevators, we facilitate all safety codes incorporating lifting devices. Electromechanical door interlocks provide collapsible gates. Lever-type limit switches are provided on each floor. A sensitive counter limit switch is provided for over-hoisting & lowering with spring buffers on the ground floor.


We deliver a freestanding lift structure requiring no exceptional civil or building works. The unit can get installed in existing buildings with minimum disruption. The easy-to-assemble design, robust construction, and easy operation make it a favored lifting solution for many. Your search for lift companies in Islamabad is now over!
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A hint of installing lift prices in Islamabad

Elevator installation can cost you around 2 to 3 million Pakistani rupees. Hub elevators provide the best quote that is reasonable.

We are one of Pakistan's top Elevator providers with the best installation and after-sale service.

Hub elevators import high-quality freight elevators and escalators for residential and commercial projects. We get your elevators and escalators installed at the best possible rates without letting you compromise on quality.
The elevators get imported from well-known manufacturers, such as FUJI. Not just that, they provide exactly what your business or residence needs. From dumbwaiters to cargo freight elevators, Hub elevators have got a solution for lifts of all kinds.

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