We provide Lifting Solutions for diverse purposes.

Modernize Your Elevator System

Whether Commercial or Residential, Hub Elevators delivers all.

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New Lift Installation

We deal with complete life installations, including imported lifts of several well-known brands built worldwide and semi-imported locally assembled hybrid lifts. We also manufacture different types of lift systems for residential or commercial projects.
Hub Elevator
Hub Elevator

Lift modernization

Lifts are supposed to be modernized as it is often the first place to impress people and should be comfortable for everyone. Our modernization solutions are expertly designed to improve your elevator’s reliability, safety, performance, and energy efficiency.

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Annual Maintenance

We are ready to do their maintenance, whatever brand your elevators belong to. With expertise in branded imported “complete kit” elevators, our team takes care of machinery and replaces outdated equipment with new elevators.
elevator installation
Hub Elevator

Customized lift Solutions

Our experts are ready to provide what you need! We are here to assist you in selecting the most premium quality equipment and installing solutions that focuses on specifications regarding space, budget, and accessibility requirements.

Elevator Consultancy

As consultants, we’re trusted to provide complete solutions whether your architecture is well-built or about to be built. We offer architectural designing and civil works consulting services for elevator and escalator-related projects.

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