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Are you looking to purchase a building that does currently not access compliant, trying to rent out an existing building with no luck? Or just spending too much time transporting goods between levels?

Here are a few more Common reasons:

  • Disability Access to Premises

As per the access code: the upper floors of any commercial building which exceeds 200m² must include a DDA-compliant lift or access ramp. However, some exceptions are available depending on the desired use of the building. It is crucial to check with a local building surveyor and the local council to see if your current building is. Once you are potentially looking to buy must include a DDA-compliant lift or not.

  • For ease and speed

(For transporting people and bulky goods)

In today’s business world, we all know that time is money! An elevator is a great way to save time transporting volumes of people from floor levels and receiving critical bulky goods that would otherwise need more time to manage and handle. An elevator renders improved efficiency and savings within the day-to-day operations of businesses on the upper floors of multi-story buildings.

  • To sublease your premises.

Subleasing your premises can be cost-effective and allows you to downsize without the moving costs. However, suppose you are looking to lease out the upper floor(s). In that case, you may need a home elevator to comply with accessibility standards and the potential buyer’s desired requirements. In most cases, installing an elevator is a good investment that delivers excellent returns by making your premises available to a wider market.

  • Fire Fighting and Evacuation

In mid to high-rise buildings, elevators are essential in assisting firefighters to reach higher levels in the fastest time possible. As per the National Construction Code, there are specific guidelines for special firefighting features such as 2-hour fire-rated landing doors on lifts and dedicated fire controls within the lift cabin and at the landings. It is essential to know what class of building you own or are looking to lease so that you can understand all the specific requirements.

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